CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development.

Bootstrap is an open-source toolkit used for developing webpages with HTML, CSS, and JS. Simply put, it’s a framework that focuses on simplifying the development of informative web pages. Bootstrap will help you to build an attractive, responsive website, but some mobile users could be turned away by the slow loading time and battery drain issues.

Advantages of Bootstrap

Easy to use for beginners

RootPointers uses Bootstrap cause of the easy use. No more tweaking of the base to make it look the same across all the browsers.

Best pre-used components list

RootPointers offers technologies with a wide range of possibilities to deliver the best results.

Clear grid system

RootPointers knows, ‘the clearer the grid, the better the grip’ a grid system comes up with predefined terms, thus giving you the ability to use these codes instead of having to create the codes from scratch.